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Exclusive Content:

A Chinese man in New York who earned 50 cents per card was arrested for gift card fraud… “Don’t buy this type of card.”

TwoSugarThieves stole gift cards from Shidao CVS Pharmacy. They stole gift card information and then placed the cards back in the CVS Pharmacy gift card rack. After a customer purchases and activates a gift card, thieves can take advantage of the opportunity to steal the value of the gift card. Shidao police recently arrested two Chinese thieves, accused of stealing information on hundreds of gift cards, totaling 50,000 yuan. Shidao District Attorney Michael McMahon also issued a warning to residents about this type of crime.

According to criminal charges, from CaliforniaMonterey Park46 year old (from Monterey Park)Chinese girlXiaoxia Chen (transliteration) and Yu Yongdeng (transliteration), a 44-year-old Chinese man, were arrested by police in Shidao on January 31 on suspicion of fraud. The crime took place at several CVS pharmacies in Shidao, most of which were located on the southern coast. (South Coast). At noon, police found 396 gift cards worth more than 50,000 yuan at 2320 Hylan Blvd., near the 122nd Police Station. The police also seized two skimmer devices, three mobile phones, a laptop, gloves, pointed cotton swabs, gum, hair straighteners, alcohol wipes, baby wipes and finger protectors from the defendant.

The indictment says that in early January this year, Chen Xiaoxia and Yu Yongdeng placed counterfeit gift cards on shelves at five CVS pharmacies in New Dorp for the purpose of defrauding customers, and both defendants left the store without purchasing anything. Went. Defendant Yu Yongdeng told police, “I get 50 cents for each card”; “I keep gift cards on the shelf. Every time I take a gift card off the gift card shelf, I get 50 cents.”

Chen Xiaoxia and Yu Yongdeng face multiple charges, including more than 1,000 counts of counterfeiting and possession of counterfeit instruments, as well as attempted grand theft, fraud and illegal possession of credit card machines. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

A law enforcement official said that in this gift card fraud case, the fraudsters first stole a large number of gift cards from the store. After taking the gift cards home, they carefully scanned the gift cards and then entered the passwords and barcodes. Number. They then re-seal the scratched-off password area so gift card buyers can’t see the flaw. Once a customer makes a purchase and activates the card, the suspect can use the password to steal cash. Law enforcement said that many of the devices they seized in the case were used to steal gift card information.

In another type of gift card scam that occurred in Shidao, scammers printed stickers with fake barcodes and placed them over the real barcodes. When a cashier scans a customer’s purchased gift card with a scanner, the money is sent to the thieves’ account associated with the fake barcode.

Shidao District Attorney Mak Wenhan issued a warning to residents not to purchase if in doubt.

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