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Exclusive Content:

A Chinese businessman in Wulun was fined more than 100 yuan for double parking in less than 1 minute and disappeared.

ExistenceChinatownSocial Security Team andvolunDuring the joint patrol conducted by the police on the 2nd, Mr. Wu, a businessman, said that he and the vehicle he came to buy had their license plates copied and fined ten times in a month. At a merchant next door, as soon as the car stopped and was ready to be unloaded, parking enforcement came to the front to read the vehicle license plates and issue tickets. “In just one minute, the fine was more than 100 yuan, which is heartbreaking. In the long run, citizens will not dare to come to Chinatown to spend money. I hope the law will be enforced. The organization will be real in Chinatown Can consider the situation and issue a warning before imposing fine.

During patrolling on the 2nd, many merchants expected an increase in the number of police officers and were happy to learn that police overtime patrolling is back. Mr. Wu, owner of a seafood merchant on 8th Street, said the speed of vehicles enforcing parking and license plate enforcement in Chinatown is incredibly fast. He and the citizens who came to shop received 10 double parking tickets a month, totaling more than 600 yuan. The truck next door to the Ginseng & Antler shop stopped by to unload items last week. There was a law enforcement vehicle in front of the truck. Seeing this, he immediately stopped and issued a ticket worth more than 100 yuan. “In less than a minute, the car probably didn’t stop before a ticket was issued. What’s confusing is that the law enforcement vehicle is waiting there, waiting for someone to violate the rules and give out a ticket. It is difficult to defend against.” An employee of the ginseng shop also confirmed this to this newspaper.

Mr Wu believes that there is not enough roadside parking space in Chinatown, and trucks or vehicles coming for shopping have no choice but to park side by side. I would hope that law enforcement vehicles could be helpful, polite and give a verbal warning at some point, requiring the owner to remove the vehicle within a few minutes rather than initially giving a ticket. “This kind of repeated ticketing will scare people away.” citizens and stop them from coming.” Let’s go shopping.”

Police Captain Robert Muniz did not directly comment on the incident at the scene. This simply means that when it comes to security, patrolling will be increased.

Former Parking Enforcement Bureau employee Sandra Uy said motorists can getdriving license, you must be familiar with the parking rules and follow them. Parallel parking is undoubtedly a violation, which affects the flow of moving traffic and causes some safety hazards. It makes sense that law enforcement officers would issue parking tickets. Sometimes law enforcement officers may directly record the illegal license plate and mail it in later, without even issuing a written ticket. The parking sign posted at the scene is a warning in itself and does not require additional verbal warning from law enforcement. In some areas of some cities across the United States, sensors have been installed on the road to allow double parking for short periods of time, and a warning will be issued if the time is exceeded. Wu Lun may be able to mention similar experiences. But Chinatown residents are also expected to follow the rules.

Chinatown businessman Mr Wu (left) hopes enforcement of double parking will not be so strict to avoid scaring away consumers. (Reporter Liu Jianxian/Photography)

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