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A Chinese-American professor from Southern California takes students to a free clinic, and the residents praise the examination, describing it as “careful and comprehensive.”

Los Angeles CountySugarThe Group City of Rosemead has launched a mobile eye clinic, which will provide residents with free eye exams and a full set of glasses on February 2. That day, a Chinese professor from the medical school led students to attend a free clinic, and it took up to an hour and a half to examine each patient. Residents sincerely praised, “I have never received such a detailed and comprehensive eye examination.”

Loretta Ng, assistant dean for clinical affairs and associate professor in the School of Optometry at Western University of Health Sciences, was the leading ophthalmologist that day. He has 25 years of medical experience. Wu Tong said it is very meaningful to lead graduating medical students to serve the community. “We encourage students to provide more services to the community before becoming doctors. They have skilled skills, have received professional training, and are fully qualified for these jobs.” ,

This free clinic has been started by the Wealth by Health Foundation to provide services to people in need. Kevin Ip, CEO of the foundation, said that many people do not get eye care.InsuranceEven if you have insurance, the deductible is high, and the mobile eye clinic offers reasonable free services. “The eyes are very important. Without healthy vision, quality of life will be greatly affected.”

The mobile clinic offers a full set of free eye examinations, including checking the patient’s vision and retina and diagnosing whether there are cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye diseases.high blood pressureEye diseases etc. Wu Tong explained that diabetes has a great impact on the eyes and requires dilation to check for retinal hemorrhage. He suggested that diabetic patients as well as high blood pressure patients should undergo such checkups at least once a year. Wu Tong said that regular vision checkups are very important, especially for minors. If they are diagnosed with myopia and other problems as early as possible, effective measures can be taken to delay the acceleration of myopia in children. He also suggested that when people read books or computer screens, they should rest their eyes and look at distant places or green plants.

A total of more than 20 patients came for treatment that day, including Ms. Zhang, a Chinese from Los Angeles County. She said she immigrated to the United States about 10 years ago and had never had any tests done because she had no eyes. care insurance. In recent months, Ms. Zhang discovered that her vision to see words at close range was blurry, and testing confirmed that she was suffering from presbyopia. “The doctors at the free clinic were very careful and spent a lot of time measuring the power of the eyes repeatedly. Such care and comprehensiveness would not have been possible if the tests were done in a hospital, and the glasses were also provided free of charge.”

The Progressive Charitable Foundation said that the organization has many cooperations with Western University of Health Sciences, including ophthalmology, dentistry, free clinics of Western medicine, etc., and provides eye examinations to the community every month regardless of the situation. Will provide complete set free. , income, or age. Insurance, etc. Due to the long inspection time, there are about 20 people per day. If necessary, people will have to take an appointment in advance. Eye clinics are held on the first Friday of each month from 9am to 4pm at the Rosemead Community Center (3936 Musket Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770). Appointments can be made at 888-996-9985. Find out more at wealthbyhealth.org.

The examination time for each patient is up to one and a half hours. (Reporter Shao Min/Photography)

Residents from across Los Angeles County attended eye clinics on the 2nd.  (Reporter Shao Min/Photography)
Residents from across Los Angeles County attended eye clinics on the 2nd. (Reporter Shao Min/Photography)

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