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Exclusive Content:

A businessman in Chi Chinatown in Shimui Zhiwei was robbed at gunpoint three times in nine days.

Shiba CastleSecurity issues Not only do residents worry about their safety, but businesses on the street also worry about being stolen or robbed from time to time.chicagoThe police department said S. in the Bridgeport district. A business near Arche Avenue and 24th Street, where Chinese people live, was robbed at gunpoint three times in nine days. The police department issued a business alert to remind businesses to pay attention to security …

Additionally, the Chicago Ninth Police Precinct recently stated thatChinatownThere have been cases of fake employees entering homes and stealing. Police have appealed to residents not to open doors to strangers.

These three armed robberies at the same business occurred at 1:50 a.m. on January 19, at 12:30 a.m. on the 26th, and at 4:40 a.m. on the 28th. Police records show the suspect told the victim, “This is a robbery,” after approaching the front desk of the business with a gun. The suspect then took the cash from the register and fled in a red Dodge van.

According to the description, the suspect is an African-American man, 30 to 39 years old, approximately 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds. He was wearing a black mask, black hooded sweatshirt, gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans when he committed the crime.

The Chicago Police Department reminds residents that if you encounter an assailant, please remain calm, remember any distinguishing physical characteristics of the assailant, do not pursue the fleeing suspect and report the crime immediately. If you have any leads regarding the above suspects, you can contact police at (312) 747-8384.

The Ninth Police Precinct said another incident occurred in Chinatown where a suspected gypsy pretended to be a Water Bureau worker. After knocking on the door of a house, he pretended to enter the house to check the water pipes. When the owner opened the door to let the fake employee enter the house, the accomplices immediately came into the house. While searching the property, the police station urged the public not to open the door to any stranger. If the other party claims to be a government agency or law enforcement officer, they should first call the police station to make inquiries or ask for help.

Police also advise that residents should have good lighting outside their homes and keep doors and windows secure. If any damage occurs, they should repair it immediately. As soon as they find any suspicious people or things, they should call the police immediately, otherwise they will give criminals a chance to take advantage of them.

Usually, in case of this type of theft, unscrupulous people pretend to be employees of electricity companies, gas companies or government agencies and ask to enter the house for inspection. The Chicago Police Department stated that Chicago city government service agencies rarely enter people’s homes. Inspection or repair, if entry services are actually required, residents will be informed by phone or letter, clearly indicating the date and time of arrival, and they will never knock on the door to request entry to the house .

The Water Conservation Bureau also said that while on duty, all Water Conservation Bureau employees will drive city vehicles with the words “Water Conservation Bureau” printed on them. In addition to wearing work clothes and reflective vests, they will also wear employee identification cards. Residents can immediately call the Water Conservation Bureau for verification.

When courier service personnel arrive to deliver goods, the public can see the delivery truck parked at the door. The courier also wears company uniform as per the rules. It is unlikely that he will come alone to “check the water and electricity” or “questionnaire”, or even “send express delivery”, so the public should be alert and avoid attracting wolves into the house. To avoid this, never open the door to strangers.



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