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80,000 attend Ed Levi’s stadium concert, surpassing Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran breaks Levi’s stadium attendance record. The British singer-songwriter’s performance at the home of the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, the 16th, attracted nearly 80,000 people, surpassing Taylor Swift and Beyoncé’s performances earlier this summer. Attracted a large number of spectators.

Levi’s Stadium’s previous attendance record was for WWE’s WrestleMania 31 in 2015, when 77,000 people watched. By comparison, according to the latest data provided by the 49ers, Taylor’s July 28–29 concert at Levi’s Stadium averaged about 58,000 people per night, and Beyoncé’s August 30 concert, had an estimated attendance of 50,000. .

Ed, who is on the “+-=÷x Tour” (pronounced “math tour”) for his sixth studio album “Subtract”, performed a performance focused on solo singing on the “In the Round” stage. Because the stage and production areas take up part of the venue, the stage is placed in the center of the court, opening up access to seats that would normally be blocked by standard concert setups.

Tickets for the four-time Grammy winner’s concert were sold for less than face value on popular resale platforms a few days before the show, which may have contributed to the large crowd. General admission tickets, which were originally priced at RMB 165, are now available at about half the original price.

49ers President Al Guido said in a statement to the Chronicle on Monday, the 18th: “The events held at Levi’s Stadium this summer made history. We want to thank the people who made this show amazing. The fans and The staff will, of course, do the same. I’d also like to thank Ed for his fantastic performance.”

The 49ers said they are still tallying final numbers and “it will take some time.”

According to a video posted on his Instagram account, before the show, Ed welcomed loyal fans at a temporary merchandise stand outside the venue, giving away freebies, signing autographs and singing a song called “American Town”. The new song features him as a way of expressing his gratitude to his fans.

During the concert, she discussed the progress she had made since the release of her breakthrough single “The A Team” in 2011, after receiving a warm welcome when she first performed the song in a British pub. “There are 80,000 people singing this song for me. It’s crazy,” he said, wearing a Santa Clara City T-shirt.

Despite being scorned by city officials, neither Taylor nor Beyoncé have been honored with a city award simply for showing their faces.EvergreenHonorary degree, but Ed still complied with the weekend 11 p.m.curfewAs a rule, he finished the show at a little over 10:30 pm.

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