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70% of citizens feel positive about Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng’s three-dimensional “Happy Governance” approach

Mayor of Taoyuanzhang shanzhengAfter holding office for more than a year, many political achievements impressed citizens and were also reported in various mediavoteWith over 70% satisfaction rating, people are curious about “how to rule with happiness”? Zhang Shanzheng said that the city government is committed to building a happy city and has completed more than 150 major and minor policies in more than a year. There are three major directions among them, which include providing a more livable environment, taking care of comprehensively. Fulfilling the health needs of citizens, and implementing the development of digital governance.

Zhang Shanzheng said that the city government actively responded to the underground railwayMRTWith regard to issues such as construction, traffic in old urban areas and urban renewal, on the one hand, we promote people-oriented transportation to ensure the safety of pedestrians, and control construction on traffic through line marking and signal adjustment. reduce the impact. On the other hand, , We establish the “future urban space development” “Report” will promote the renewal of old urban areas in a planned manner, and reconstruct Taoyuan Railway Station, Zhongli Railway Station and other areas, which are the focus of urban development. Will demonstrate determination and practical actions. ,

The city government has made a lot of efforts to provide a more convenient and livable environment so that citizens can enjoy a high quality of life. The first happiness policy is to hope that everyone will have good transportation, a good job, good schools, and a good life. ,

Zhang Shanzheng said the second is “whole age care”, which comprehensively takes care of citizens’ health needs, ranging from psychological counseling for pregnant women to lung cancer screening for high-risk groups. The city government has also established the country’s only Maternal and Child Bureau to focus more on improving maternal and child care. The rights and interests of women and children are met one by one, including pregnancy special cars, nutrition subsidies for frozen eggs, enhanced maternity subsidies, and postpartum counseling services for pregnant women. , He said Taoyuan is now the most mother- and child-friendly city in Taiwan.

The Tao City Government’s “Expanded Lung Cancer Screening Program” reflects the people-centered policy philosophy. According to Health Bureau data, lung cancer is the top ten cause of death in Taoyuan. The city government evaluates risk factors, understands the screening risk items in a dynamic manner, and adjusts and expands the screening groups in time. Last year, 18,000 people were screened, and 1,201 cases were investigated. Can effectively help citizens detect and treat positive cases early.

The third happy governance is “digital governance”. Zhang Shanzheng said that the city government has established a smart urban and rural development committee to build a “smart Taoyuan” through the integration of digital technology, so that the city government can serve citizens more efficiently. Others include river water color identification by the Environmental Protection Bureau and road construction by the Labor Bureau. AI safety checks, etc., are all important cornerstones for building an overall happy city.

Zhang Shanzheng said that with the rapid development of Taoyuan City, it is necessary to fully promote smart government so that it can improve efficiency, handle increasingly complex urban administration and provide better public services to citizens; The city government will also continue to work hard to build a better Taoyuan.

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