Home World News 7 aid workers killed in airstrikes.Media: Israeli military officials did what they wanted.

7 aid workers killed in airstrikes.Media: Israeli military officials did what they wanted.

7 aid workers killed in airstrikes.Media: Israeli military officials did what they wanted.

Seven aid workers from the non-governmental organization “World Central Kitchen” (WCK) were in Palestine on the evening of the first.GazaIsraeli air strikes killed several people on the corridor, leading to global condemnation. An Israeli military source revealed on the 2nd that the incident was caused by a lack of discipline on the part of the field commander and he did what he wanted, and not by a lack of coordination between the army and aid organizations as officially stated. Was claimed. He also said the officers and soldiers involved in the incident violated Israeli military regulations and orders.

israelHaaretz reported that sources said the Israeli military’s Southern Command was trying to avoid responsibility. An intelligence source said that the Southern Command “knew very well what was the reason for the attack”, adding that “everyone in Gaza acts as they wish”.

Haaretz reported that the Israeli military says any action taken against sensitive targets such as aid organizations must be approved by senior military officials, including division commanders, command commanders, and even high-level chiefs of staff. Also included. However, sources said that “each Israeli military commander in Gaza has his own rules” and interprets the rules of engagement as he sees fit. In this case, it is not clear whether the decision to fire on the aid convoy was sent to senior commanders for approval.

Israeli army and IsraelDepartment of DefenseThe official response claimed that the aid worker’s death was caused by poor coordination between soldiers and cadres of aid organizations on the battlefield. Prime Minister Netanyahu said the attack was an “unintentional mistake” and that authorities were “fully investigating the matter” and “will make every possible effort to prevent such incidents from happening again.”

Israeli Defense Minister Grant and Israeli Chief of Staff Halevi both promised to conduct a comprehensive investigation and open a war situation room jointly managed by personnel from Southern Command and international aid organizations to be responsible for contact with troops in the field. Also decided.

However, Haaretz reported that a coordination mechanism is already in place between the Israeli military and aid organizations, and that liaison officers would inform soldiers about inaccessible areas because there are a large number of aid workers or civilians on site. Therefore, sources criticized Grant and Halevy for saying that the affair arose due to poor coordination and was “incomprehensible”.

”It has nothing to do with coordination,” one intelligence source said. ”You can set up 20 more agencies or situation rooms, but if there is one to control the behavior of some forces in Gaza. If we are not resolute, we will see more incidents like this. ,