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Exclusive Content:

10 killed and 15 missing including 4 foreigners in Hualien earthquake

A day before yesterday, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien County in Taiwan. The Central Disaster Response Center counted a total of 10 casualties tonight. In unfortunate news this afternoon there has been a new death. A 65-year-old man surnamed Xiaozuilu was unable to escape yesterday. Trail, now discovered by the Pingtung Search and Rescue Team and confirmed dead. It is understood that three members of Lian Nan’s family went abroad in his early years. The couple returned to Taiwan for the holidays with their children and went hiking together on the Taroko Shakadeng Trail. The mother and daughter had fled to seek medical treatment the day before yesterday. Lian Nan was hit by a falling rock. Death.

➤➤➤10th victim of Hualien earthquake. A Taiwanese traveling abroad returned to his hometown to visit but met with a tragic accident.

The Central Disaster Response Center updated the figures last night. The Hualien earthquake caused 10 deaths and 1,099 injuries. The number of stranded people increased by 7 times from 1,001 yesterday afternoon to 7 after noon. The main cause was the employees of Tianxiang Jingying Hotel and Tianxiang Activity Center. 688 people were stranded due to the road closure to the outside world, as well as 10 employees of Jingying Hotel in Jiuqudong, 6 students of Donghua University and 170 kilometers of Provincial Highway 8. But one Indian man, a total of 7,005 people. 64 people trapped in the Heping mine were successfully rescued yesterday.

The 15 missing include 6 people including 3 adults and 3 children on Shakadong Trail, 1 person from Zhonghe Mine, 2 camping couples from Xiulin Township, 1 person from Gaoshan No. 40, Fengbin Township, and 1 person from Luoshao. Two people from Dongwei Company in Sien Station and three people from Bulowan in Shanyu Village have returned on their own and have been confirmed to be OK.In addition, after receiving a notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, the police confirmed that 25 German civilians have been rescued.Canada2 out of 3 people have been rescued. Only one Canadian male has not been found. The 4 people who were originally missing have been rescued.AustraliaTwo people have been rescued, including a man and a woman.SingaporeThe person holding an Australian passport has not been found.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation said that the obstructed section of Provincial Highway 8 from the western section to Hsien Road was cleared yesterday, and the eastern section from the western entrance of the Jineng Tunnel was cleared yesterday and the eastern entrance of the 9th Was extended till. Tunnel Tunnel. It is expected to be opened this afternoon. Proceed to the western entrance of Tianxiang Tunnel.



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