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1-year-old boy dies of fentanyl in New York’s Bronx daycare, couple accused of murder

1-year-old boy dies of fentanyl in New York’s Bronx daycare, couple accused of murder

Compiled by Zhou Fangyuan/Comprehensive News on the 19th

New York CitybronxContact the 1-year-old boy at the daycare center Divino NinopoisonOn the 19th, federal prosecutors filed charges against the daycare operator and a man who lived in the apartment where the daycare was run.

The two defendants are 36-year-old daycare director Grae Mendez and Mendez’s 41-year-old husband Carlisto Acevedo Brito. He has been charged with murder, manslaughter and assault. The trial will take place in the Bronx Criminal Court. Before a federal magistrate judge.

According to the criminal indictment issued by the Manhattan Federal District Court on the 19th, the two defendants have been charged with one count of possession of narcotics and intentionally causing death and one count of conspiracy.

The city medical examiner has not yet released the cause of death of 1-year-old boy Nicholas Dominici, but police officials said:MedicineTests revealed that three other children had fentanyl in their systems.

After the children were taken for treatment on the 16th, police searched the Divino Nino nursery and found a large quantity of fentanyl as well as machinery and equipment used to package the narcotics.

Specifically, the indictment states that law enforcement officers found one kilogram of fentanyl in a bag that was placed on top of a children’s play mat, as well as two “kilo press machines” and machine parts typically used to crush drugs. Were used by smugglers. A type of machinery prepares kilo-sized “bricks” of drugs for bulk.

Police also found a second kilogram press, vacuum bags and a vacuum sealer in a bedroom cupboard; The bags were similar to the bag that contained one kilogram of fentanyl.

The complaint also alleges that Mendez made three phone calls, two of which were to Brito, before calling 911, telling her that the three children in her care were unresponsive. Brito entered the daycare empty-handed and remained there for about two hours, before emergency personnel arrived. sec. He left after a few minutes but was carrying two heavy shopping bags.

Mendez denied that there were drugs in the daycare, and Brito said he knew nothing about the drugs.

Damien Williams, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Frank A., Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration of New York. Tarantino III announced the charges at a press conference.

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